Junior Backend Engineer · AI Platform

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• Development and operation of Lunit’s machine learning annotation tool and additional AI platform tools and services software
- Develop, optimize, and maintain backend API services
- Deploy, configure, and integrate additional third-party backend services
- Write test code and review peers' code for quality and maintainability
- Troubleshoot production issues and take the initiative to prevent them from recurring

• Find and implement additional automation opportunities, and engineering practices to improve the speed of development/deployment and to improve application security, performance, and reliability

[Tech Stack]
• Technical tools/technologies: Python (FastAPI, Django), Postgresql, Mongo, Redis, Docker, Kubernetes, GCP, Argo CD, Graphana, Loki
• General: Slack, Confluence, Jira
• 1-3 years of professional experience in BE development
• Proficient in English
• Proficiency in at least one server programming language.
• Knowledge of database systems with better hands-on experiences in relational(SQL database) and non-relational(NoSQL) databases.
• Understanding of Web Platform technology foundation knowledge.
• Effective communication skills: ability to convey information, thoughts, and ideas clearly and efficiently to other developers
• Problem-solving: ability to analyze situations, identify challenges, and develop effective solutions
• Experience working with Kubernetes and GCP platform
• Good system architecture knowledge.
• Understanding of RESTful API design
• Experience with Python and Python Web development frameworks like FastAPI, Django, etc.
• Interest in machine learning and data systems
• Knowledge of networking and Linux
복지 및 혜택
• The new office is one minute away by foot from Gangnam Station Exit 3 making it very convenient
• Up to 12, 000 won is covered for both lunch and dinner when working at the office
• Up to 300,000 won is covered upon joining to decorate your personal workspace
• Provide the latest computer models, such as Macs and 4K monitors, and renew them every three years
• Attending seminars and purchasing books are covered
• Regular in-house AI and medical seminars are held
• Korean language education is provided for Lunitians who do not speak Korean as their first language
• Access high-quality AI learning resources & deep learning DevOps system
• Up to 1.2 million won worth of benefits points can be claimed annually
• Korean National holiday gift: Seollal and Chuseok gift/voucher
• Annual medical checkups and employee accident insurance are provided
• Financial support for participation in employee gatherings (once a month)
채용절차 및 기타 지원 유의사항
[How to Apply]
• CV (resume, free format, in English)

[Hiring Process]
• Document Screening → (Online) Introductory Interview → Assignment → Competency interview (Technical+ Behaviour) → Culture-fit Interview → Onboarding
  • All interviews are conducted in English.
  • After the final interview, we may proceed with reference checks if needed.

[Work Conditions and Environment]
• Work type: full-time
• Work location : Lunit HQ(5F, 374, Gangnam-daero, Gangnam-gu, Seoul)
• Salary: after negotiation

• If you misrepresent your experience or education or provide false or fraudulent information in or with your application, it may be grounds for cancellation of the employment.
• Lunit is committed in providing the preferential processing to those eligible for employment protection (national merits and people with disabilities) relevant to related laws and regulations.

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경력 1~3년
  • 서울특별시 강남구 강남대로 374, 5층(역삼동, 케이스퀘어 강남2)

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루닛_Junior Backend Engineer · AI Platform
루닛_Junior Backend Engineer · AI Platform
루닛_Junior Backend Engineer · AI Platform
루닛_Junior Backend Engineer · AI Platform
루닛_Junior Backend Engineer · AI Platform
루닛_Junior Backend Engineer · AI Platform
루닛_Junior Backend Engineer · AI Platform
루닛_Junior Backend Engineer · AI Platform
루닛_Junior Backend Engineer · AI Platform
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Lunit, a portmanteau of ‘Learning unit,’ is a medical AI software company devoted to providing AI-powered total cancer care. Our AI solutions help discover cancer and predict cancer treatment outcomes, achieving timely and individually-tailored cancer treatment.

[About the team]
Our team is an international team of enthusiastic researchers/engineers with a diverse set of interests. We foster a friendly and open environment, encouraging idea/knowledge sharing and collaboration in software engineering.

We are a dynamic team, driven by an insatiable appetite for learning and an unwavering commitment to adopting good programming practices. We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence, constantly seeking out new knowledge and techniques to elevate our work to the highest standards. Join us and be part of a group that thrives on pushing boundaries, embracing challenges, and striving for continuous growth in the world of programming.

[About the position]
Our mission is to Conquer Cancer through AI, by providing a robust platform solution, you actively contribute to the development of innovative AI models. Lunit AI solution has been recognized as best-in-class worldwide and is being used in real-world hospitals, laboratories, and research studies.

The candidate will work as part of the BE team focusing on building server-side applications to support the wider AI Platform and AI Research departments. The Backend Engineering team is tasked with designing, developing, and upkeeping the server-side codebase for our cloud-native services, serving our researchers, software development, and product teams. We specialize in implementing the functions and server-side logic that operate in the background, making our primary focus the construction of functions/APIs utilized by front-end engineers and researchers.